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Though it is pointed out
  If it is felt that this treatment is not enough for the improvement of the new infant then this machine ... ...

Though it is pointed out

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Posted on: 11/09/18

  If it is felt that this treatment is not enough for the improvement of the new infant then this machine is used with other treatments like exogenous surfactant administration.for this a oxygen tubing is connected to the prongs which is fit inside the nostrils for the sake of the life of new guest. Though it is a simple machine that’s why some people are not attracted by it but majority of doctors is giving importance to this machine for the treatment of infants. If there is some obstruction or congestion in the lungs of the baby, it pushes the air and helps to counteract airway resistance. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory .

The main purpose is to pump pressurized air into the lungs of someone either he is an adult on infant.Sleep apnea is the problem of adults but not found in the new born babies however it is used if there is some complication in the respiratory system. It not only provides proper oxygen to the new born but also some positive effects are provided to the new infant. In the end we may conclude that in a baby there is a lack of surfactant so by using this machine we may keep the alveoli of the baby at the end of airway to avoid collapsing which may occur as there is a lack of surfactant present in his air passage way. Baby’s natural breathing rhythms are supplemented by this machine. When the strong stream of air comes and supports the walls of the way the result is the opening of the airway.

 Though it is pointed out that breathing by this machine is not so easier for the new born as he breast naturally but it must be realized that a neonatal cap is considered as far less invasive than the intubations just China Villa Lifts Suppliers after the delivery of baby As we see in case of adults that a mask is attached on the face but in case of small infants there is airway pressure maintenance by the nasal cannula. So there is no need of mask for the new baby. If doctor recommend that the baby is in need of incubation then a ventilator is used for the administration of airway pressure. The treatment is necessary till the time, the baby finds full growth of his lungs and they work properly.After finding the advantages of crap machine in the adult patients the medical officers are tending to use it for the neonatal treatment. The same mechanism is applied in the neonatal machine as we see in the adult crap machine. In case of infants lungs are not developed completely so this machine can balance the pressure in the air passage way. Even it is becoming the part of neonatal wards in the hospital.As the baby is so small then it is easy to understand the logic that the pressure required by neonate alveoli is much lesser as compared to the required pressure by the patient of sleep apnea


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